2017 International Conference for Top and Emerging Computer Scientists (Dec 21 - 24, 2017)

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Session 1: Theory, Algorithms, Programming

Prof. Yu-Chen LIN (Feng Chia University, TW)

Session 2: Database, Cloud Computing, Data Mining, Big Data

Prof. Hsiu-Hsen YAO (Yuan Ze University, TW)
Prof. Chih-yu JIAN (Takming University of Science and Technology, TW) 

Session 3: Communications, Networking, Security, and Internet of Things  

Prof. Kijun HAN (Kyungpook National University, KR)
Prof. Wan-Jung CHANG (Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, TW)
Prof. Jue-Sam CHOU (Nanhua Universiy, TW)
Prof. Wei-Wen HU (Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, TW)
Prof. Hwang-Cheng WANG (National Ilan University, TW)

Session 4: Multimedia, Image Processing and Recognition (Virtual Reality)

Prof. Wu-Ja LIN (National Formosa University, TW)
Prof. Tsang-Long PAO (Tatung University, TW)

Session 5: High Performance Computing and Intelligent Systems (AI, Robotics)

Session 6: Software Engineering and Applications

Prof. Hong-Yen LIN (Fu Jen Catholic University, TW)

Session 7: Electronics (Analog/Digital Circuits, Signal Processing, System Architectures)  

Prof. Hsin-Chuan CHEN (Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai, CN)
Prof. Hung-Wei WU (Kun Shan University, TW)
Prof. Chi-Chou KAO (National University of Tainan, Taiwan, TW)

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