2017 International Conference for Leading and Young Computer Scientists

Session 1: Theory, Algorithms, Programming

Session 2: Database, Cloud Computing, Data Mining, Big Data

Prof. Yao-ming YEH (National Taiwan Normal University, TW)                                                                                                 Prof. Kyong Jin SHIM (Singapore Management University, SG)                                                                                       Prof. Prasan Kumar SAHOO (Chang Gung University, TW)                                                                                       

Session 3: Communications, Networking, Security, and Internet of Things    

Prof. Chi-Wai CHOW (National Chiao Tung University, TW)                                                                                           Prof. Christina L. H. CHANG (National Pingtung University, TW)                                                                

Session 4: Multimedia, Image Processing and Recognition (Virtual Reality)

Prof. Tsai-Rong CHANG (Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, TW)                                                         Prof. Chen-Kuo CHIANG (National Chung Cheng University, TW)   

Session 5: High Performance Computing and Intelligent Systems (AI, Robotics)

Prof. Meng Joo ER (Nanyang Technological University, SG)   

Session 6: Software Engineering and Applications

Prof. Jingyun WANG (Kyushu University, JP) 

Session 7: Electronics (Analog/Digital Circuits, Signal Processing, System Architectures)